Address: 3 Brewery Pl, Leed, LS10 1NE
Open Hours:

Looking for somewhere exciting to celebrate your hen party? Welcome to Oracle.

This amazing establishment is jam packed full of entertainment to get you excited for the big day; from a kitchen and ground floor bar for quiet cocktails and delicious dishes, to the bustling first floor bar and terrace above, this place really has it all.

The first floor club is a plush boutique, fully equipped with a massive dance floor and leather seating, guaranteed to get you in the mood to party in this intimate yet astounding atmosphere. As the drinks flow and the tunes blast, the bride-to-be is guaranteed to have a night to remember at Oracle.

Just remember, an oracle is someone full of sought after advice and prophecy – in this case, we can happily advise you to the Oracle an amazing hen party, the prophecy will be fulfilled!

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