Address: 2fz, 22 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham , NG1 2FZ
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Looking for a unique venue to host your hen party? Das Kino could be the perfect choice. Inspired by the cinemas of Germany, Das Kino combines two key elements: ping pong and drinking. What more could you want from a bar?

Located in the heart of Nottingham, Das Kino is a great venue to kick off any hen party, offering an unbeatable range of drinks; from alcoholic ice cream based beverages to classic craft beers. Each beer is specially picked and imported across the pond for your pleasure, allowing you to taste what other countries have to offer. But if beer isn’t your thing, there’s a range of classic cocktails for you and the girls to fall in love with.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the unique vibes this venue has to offer… and enjoy a little competition with the bride-to-be with a good old game of ping pong!

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