Location: Pool Hill Visit Website

DYMK Bar is ultra stylish and modern, giving you the ultimate place to party on your Bournemouth stag weekend! As one of Bournemouth’s biggest and best bars and clubs, this place is the perfect place to bring the groom on his send off. Open from 4pm every day, this is the ideal place to pop in for some pre-drinks with the lads before the party gets into full flow. Sit back and relax with your mates while you listen to the latest tunes and indulge in some of the best drinks in town.

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Location: Dean Park Cres Visit Website

Yates is one of Britain’s best love pub and club chains, thanks to the amazing party atmosphere available each and every night – perfect for every Bournemouth stag party looking for the ultimate send off! During the day, this place is a friendly pub, serving up delicious grub in a truly friendly atmosphere. If you and the lads are looking to cure a hangover or line your stomachs, head to Yates for some comfort food like no other.

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Location: Old Christchurch rd Visit Website

Revolution is one of the best known party destinations in the country, including Bournemouth! Ideal for stag parties, Revs is vibrant and fun, offering amazing drinks in an unbeatable atmosphere. If you’re looking to give the groom an unforgettable send off on his Bournemouth stag weekend, look no further than Revolution. During the day, head down to Revs for some quality pub grub with a stylish twist. From burgers to pizzas and everything in between,

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Location: Old Christchurch rd Visit Website

Walkabout is one of the best bar chains in the company, giving you a taste of the Outback without leaving Bournemouth! This Australia-themed party destination is ideal for stag groups looking for a crazy party in Bournemouth, no matter what you have planned for the groom on his send off, this is the place to be. If you’re looking for a bite to eat during the day, pop in to be take Down Under by this truly wild menu.

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Location: Firvale Road Visit Website

Are you looking for a massive club to host your Bournemouth stag party celebrations? Look no further than Cameo for the ultimate send off! This giant Bournemouth club is the home of House music, giving you and the lads the ultimate place to drink and party. This legendary club is one of the best in town, guaranteed to give the groom the send off he truly deserves! The atmosphere is vibrant and intense, inspiring you to drink and dance until the sun comes up.

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Bar So

Location: Exeter Road Visit Website

If you’re looking for a modern and stylish bar to celebrate your Bournemouth stag party, look no further than Bar So. This contemporary venue is a jack of all trades, serving up delicious food during the day before turning into on the of town’s best clubs by night. If you’re feeling a little hungover, head in for a bite to eat and enjoy the fresh air from the huge skylights. Once you and the lads are finished eating,

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Chaplin’s and The Cellar Bar

Location: Christchurch Rd Visit Website

Chaplin’s is charismatic and charming, the ideal drinking den to host a laid back stag party celebration. This unique venue is home to some of the best live entertainment in town, allowing you and the lads to enjoy some unbeatable live talent on your stag party. As well as live music, this place is also perfect for nursing a hangover or getting you in the mood to go out, thanks to the laid back seating and vibes created by the amazing playlist of tunes.

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Location: Pier Approach Visit Website

At Aruba, it’s always summer; so even if you’re hosting your stag party celebrations in colder months, this is the perfect place to relax and drink by the beach! This position of this seafront bar is second to none, offering stunning views of the sandy Bournemouth beaches while you drink and unwind with the lads. The sun terrace is the perfect place to chill out during the day after a heavy night on the town;

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Le Chic Club

Location: Old Christchurch rd Visit Website

Le Chic is a mecca for party goers, offering an unbeatably vibrant atmosphere ideal for stag party celebrations! If you’re looking for a fun club to give the groom the send off he deserves, Le Chic Club is one of the best in town, giving Bournemouth stag parties the ultimate venue to drink and dance the night away. This neon-lit bar offers an amazing atmosphere like no other, giving you and the lads the perfect space to unleash some stag party chaos.

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Halo Club

Location: Exeter Road Visit Website

Halo is one of the biggest and best clubs in Bournemouth, giving you the perfect place to send off the groom in style! If you’re looking for a youthful and modern club with a vibrant atmosphere, look no further than Halo for a night you’re guaranteed to remember. This unique club is a mecca for party goers everywhere, offering a club experience packed with the latest and greatest tunes, quality drinks and the best atmosphere.

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