Eat Pho

Location: Christchurch Road Visit Website

Looking to add an exotic twist to your Bournemouth stag party? Eat Pho is just the answer!

Eat Pho is the home of Vietnamese cuisine, giving you an authentic taste of the East without leaving the British seaside. If you’re sick of fish and chips and other bland British offerings, this is just the place to bring the lads for a culinary trip around the world. Discover and explore loads of delicious dishes,

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Location: Westover Road Visit Website

Prezzo is one of the best food chains in the country, offering high quality Italian food in a swanky yet laid back setting.

If you’re looking for an eatery to kick back and relax with the lads which indulging in some amazing food, Prezzo is just the place. This cool Italian chain is home to some of the best food that Bournemouth has to offer, guaranteed to please every member of your stag party with ease.

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7Bone Burger Co.

Location: Gervais Place Visit Website

Is there anything better than a burger to cure a hangover? Head to 7Bone Burger Co. on your Bournemouth stag party to cure every craving.

This quirky eatery is the home of American comfort food, famed for their massive list of tasty stacked burgers. From classic double cheese burgers to those topped with lavish meaty extras like lip licking pulled pork, this place is guaranteed to please every one of your mates. Whether you’re lining your stomachs before hitting the town or using food to help you forget the horrible hangover from the night before,

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Funki Griller

Location: Exceter Rd Visit Website

Fancy a steak on your Bournemouth stag weekend? Funki Griller is the ultimate place to indulge in some top quality meaty grub.

Located in the heart of Bournemouth, this meaty mecca is the perfect place to please all the lads on your Bournemouth send off. On the menu, you’ll find loads of sumptuous meaty treats, including and huge range of starters, sharers and mains for you to pick and choose from. We have loads top quality cuts of meat for you to pick;

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Location: Pier Approach Visit Website

WestBeach is one of Bournemouth’s top restaurants, serving up loads of tasty steak and seafood by the seaside.

If you and the lads are looking for a quiet and casual restaurant to kick back and relax after a long stag weekend of crazy antics, WestBeach is just the place. This picturesque seafront restaurant is the ideal place to come and indulge in some top quality food, all sourced locally for an unforgettable taste of Bournemouth.

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