The Bees Mouth

Location: Western Road Visit Website

The Bee’s Mouth is a quirky pub, offering a massive range of beers and ales, as well as live entertainment; ideal for Brighton stag party celebrations! The shabby yet chic decor of this unique venue is welcoming and endearing, giving you and the lads the perfect place to kick back and relax on your Brighton stag party. Whether you’re looking for a place for a quiet day drink or maybe somewhere to pre-drink to get the party started,

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Concorde 2

Location: Madeira Drive Visit Website

Concorde 2 is home to the best sound and lighting system in Brighton, the perfect place to give the groom the ultimate send off on his Brighton stag weekend! This huge venue is Brighton’s number one live music venue, hosting live bands and entertainment on a regular basis to showcase the talent this seaside town has to offer. This venue can host up to 600 party goers at one time, so no matter how many mates you bring to your stag party,

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Casablanca Jazz Club

Location: Middle St Visit Website

If the groom loves his music, take him to Casablanca Jazz Club on his stag party for an unforgettable night of live entertainment! This unique venue is split into two rooms; one with live music and the other with live DJs, helping you make the most of both worlds!  Whether you want to stand by and listen to some fresh talent with a drink in hand or dance the night away to an amazing DJ set,

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Location: West St Visit Website

Revolution is one of the best loved bars in the whole of the UK, thanks to the amazing drinks and atmosphere on offer; ideal for any Brighton stag party looking to celebrate! Revolution is a great all rounder, open during the day to indulge in some delicious food while offering a place to drink and dance when night falls. The gorgeous pub grub menu will cure any hangovers you and the lads might have picked up on your Brighton stag party,

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Location: King's Road Arches Visit Website

Coalition is one of the biggest and best late night venues in Brighton, ideal for stag parties looking for an unforgettable night of drinking and dancing. This place is youthful and modern, offering a night out like no other. The amazing sound systems and freshest DJs create the ultimate party atmosphere, drawing in party goers from all over Brighton thanks to the beats being played. If you’re looking for a place to party on your stag do,

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The Funky Fish Club

Location: Marine Parade Visit Website

The Funky Fish Club is one of the most established venues in the whole of Brighton, offering one of the best-loved nightlife hotspots for stag parties and partygoers alike! If the groom loves a wide range of music, this is the perfect place to take him on his Brighton stag party; each night, the freshest DJs blast out the best house, disco and funk tunes to create a unique yet endearing atmosphere for you and your mates to enjoy.

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Location: West St Visit Website

If you’re looking for the ultimate venue for your legendary Brighton stag party, look no further than PRYZM. PRYZM is the biggest club in Brighton, enticing in party goers across the UK looking for the night of their life. If you and the lads want some space for stag party mayhem, this place is huge. Why not book out a booth before the night unfolds, so you can enjoy some quality time with the lads while experiencing the full VIP treatment!

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The Tempest Inn

Location: King's Road Arches Visit Website

The Tempest Inn is a rustic and welcoming seafront bar, offering a place to dine by day and drink by night! This gorgeous pub is famed for the range of delicious seafood dishes, so if you and the lads are a fan of the treasures of the sea, pop in during the day to line your stomachs with some of the best grub in town. But let’s admit it, your stag weekend is more about the drinking!

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Lucky Voice

Location: Black Lion Street Visit Website

If you love embarrassing your mates, Lucky Voice is the ideal venue to create some unbeatable and unforgettable memories on your Brighton stag weekend! This unique venue is spread over three floors, giving you and the lads plenty of space to unleash some mayhem. There are seven different areas for different groups, so you don’t have to share your poor singing voices with other party goers if you don’t want to. Once you’ve booked your space,

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No 32

Location: Duke Street Visit Website

No 32 is the perfect all round venue, offering a sophisticated jazz lounge to dine during the day, before transforming into one of Brighton’s best late night bars when night falls. No matter what you have planned for the groom on his Brighton stag weekend, he’s guaranteed to love No 32! Formally a theatre, this venue is truly massive. The elegant menu is ideal for getting the lads together for a bite to eat in a great atmosphere before the party starts,

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