Address: 56-58 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 8TL

Steak is one of the most universally loved meals in the entire world, so when someone says they don’t like steak, they’re either lying… or probably vegetarian. When thinking about somewhere to get some grub in Leeds, why not please all the lads by choosing Miller & Carter Steakhouse as your stag party eatery?

Located on The Headrow, one of Leeds most bustling areas, you’ll be instantly enticed by the exciting aromas outside. Once in, the luxurious yet comfortable decor will allow you to relax and enjoy the company of the lads. The lavish menu is a mecca for meat lovers; from bursting burgers to sizzling steaks, Miller & Carter is a carnivore’s dream. Each steak is produced in Britain and matured for 30 days to ensure ultimate tenderness – a Miller & Carter steak will be a contender for the best you’ve had in your life! When it comes to the drinks, there’s a huge range of quality drinks available at this sophisticated eatery, including loads of spirits and beers to please every palate.

So, if you want a restaurant that will please the groom and the lads alike, this could be just the ticket for a truly successful Leeds stag party!

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