TGI Friday’s

Location: Newgate Street Visit Website

TGI Friday’s is a favourite up and down the UK, so why not treat the lads to some BBQ classics on your Newcastle stag party?

Located in The Gate, one of Newcastle’s biggest and best leisure complexes, this fun and friendly eatery is guaranteed to please every one of your stag party. The menu has a whole host of tasty classics on offer, including dishes that incorporate Jack Daniel’s into the awesomeness, ideal for anyone who loves infamous Tennessee whiskey.

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Longhorns BBQ Smokehouse

Location: Osbourne Road Visit Website

Treat the lads to a delicious steak on your Newcastle stag party at Longhorns Barbecue Smokehouse, one of the meat meccas of the North East and beyond!

With locations in Leeds and Sheffield as well as Newcastle, this meaty eatery is slowly taking over the UK with their fabulous menu of indulgent classics that are guaranteed to tantalise every taste bud. If your lads are lovers of all things meat, this is the perfect place to line your stomachs before the stag party mayhem begins to unfold.

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The Bridge Tavern

Location: Akenside Hill Visit Website

Want to indulge in some comfort food and unique beers on your Newcastle stag party? The Bridge Tavern is a brewpub and eatery, perfect for curbing all your food and ale cravings!

Located on Akenside Hill, near the iconic Newcastle landmark, The Tyne Bridge, this quaint pub is the home of all things comfort food. The Monument metro station is just a short walk away, so you’re conveniently connected to the city centre to carry on the stag celebrations after you’ve finished eating.

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Toros Steakhouse

Location: Marlborough Visit Website

Everyone loves a good steak, so treat the lads to Toros Steakhouse on your Newcastle stag party!

This famous steakhouse is renowned up and down the country as one of the best steakhouses for Halal steaks – but it’s their quality that’s really cemented them on the map. Founded in 2009, you’ll find Toros all over the UK, all the way from London right up to Newcastle. At Toros, you’ll find every cut of cow to suit every taste;

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Fat Hippo Underground

Location: Shakespeare Street Visit Website

Home to a massive array of meaty mains, Fat Hippo Underground is the ideal place to take the groom on his Newcastle stag weekend!

This unique eatery has an amazing atmosphere, mixing neon lights with bar brick for a stylish yet rustic feel that is ultimately welcoming. But it’s not just the atmosphere that makes this place enticing, it’s the rich aroma of meaty dishes that hypnotize you with their deliciousness! The Fat Hippo menu is bursting at the seams with manly meaty meals that are guaranteed to be loved by everyone in your stag group.

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