You and your crew are all excited to meet new friends and possibly even have a cheeky holiday romance. But the bad thing about staying in a crowded hotel is the people you wouldn’t normal associate yourself with, and you certainly didn’t plan to spend your only week away from the office hanging around with said people.

Here we present our first 4 stereotypes of people you will certainly come across in Magaluf this summer.

Coming to a pool side near you…


#1 Mr Class Clown

He is the one that you hate to love, when you are feeling your most fragile he is the one that happens to always be there – Loud, invasive and does not take a breath. He is constantly telling jokes and attracting everyone’s attention by the pool. But without him around, you would be laying around the pool suffering in silence. He annoyingly makes you laugh but he certainly brightens up your mood.


#2 Miss Social Media

These types of people are becoming more and more common these days. 24/7 their phone is glued to their hand. They are more bothered about Instagramming or Snap chatting a moment rather than enjoying it at the present. The majority of the time these girls post happy smiling pictures, but in reality they are sat in the shade near to the closest power socket, in fear their battery might die and they will get cut off from their virtual online life, where number of likes means more than letting their hair down and leaving their phone in the safe. You will see them posing by the pool taking picture after picture of the same pose. These girls will also display a full face of makeup and screen every time they get a splash of water on them.


#3 Mr I am it

Unfortunately we have all spotted him. The one who’s been attending the gym all winter just to flex and parade around the pool in his far too short, short shorts. More than likely he will have blacked out sun glasses on and will have been sipping out of the same beer bottle for the last two hours. He rarely gets in the pool but when he does he makes sure his body is still visible to all. He also applies oil frequently as if it is going out of fashion….but……we can’t help having a perv every now and again.


#4 Mrs Loved Up (or so we think)

Another one who spends most of her holiday on her phone, Messaging, ringing, whatsapping, snap chatting face timing and tweeting her beloved back in the UK. Every conversation you have with her somehow relates back to her bae. “Bae this, bae that”…. But the moment she gets a drink down her neck bae is forgotten all about while she has he tongue down various other males throats. She will wake up in the morning crying and full of guilt but the exact same thing will happen the next night.

So when you are in Magaluf this summer, have a look around you and see if you can spot our first four stereotypes. If you can’t….. maybe have a look a little closer to home. You may be one of them lol.