Summer is finally upon us, and if you’re lucky enough to be heading out on holiday this season, Magaluf is just the place to let loose and go wild. This infamous party destination attracts thousands of excited go getters each year, offering nothing but cheap drinks, sandy beaches, blazing hot sunshine and an atmosphere like no other. Whether you’re going on your very first holiday with friends, or sending your best mate off in style on an unforgettable Hen or Stag, Magaluf is where great memories are made. However, like any other trip you take, you should always take precautions to stay safe, after all, a holiday is all about fun!

We might sound like a nagging mother, but here’s a few things to look out for when you hit the infamous Magaluf strip – as the age old phrase goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


#1 Know your limits

This is the golden rule of any night out; no matter whether you’re at home or on holiday, knowing your drinking limit is massively important to staying safe. Not only is this key to staying safe, following this rule will also lead to a successful drama free night of not having to drag the drunk one home. Whether you’re the one throwing up on yourself or it’s your mate that’s gotten legless, make sure to look out for one another if you think someone has passed their limit and entered the zone of being ‘wasted’, ‘drunk’, ‘trollied’, ‘mashed’ or any of the other words we use in different regions!

Why is this rule so important? If you’re too drunk, you could easily wander off, get lost, lose valuables like passports or money, or become vulnerable to anyone possibly lurking around. On nights out before you jet off, learn your limits if you don’t already know them – after all, there’s a fine line between merry and on the floor!


# 2 Don’t walk home on your own at night

This is another major rule of hitting the strip, just like at home, it’s never wise to walk home on your own, even if you’re in the mood to burn off a bit of energy… or to save a few quid on a taxi. Guys, you might think this rule just applies to girls, but don’t let your bravado get in the way of common sense, walking solo is just as dangerous for both genders. Even if you’re in groups, locals don’t recommend walking back to your hotel drunk.

However, don’t start thinking this will affect your night, there’s tonnes of taxis around waiting to give you a safe lift back to your hotel.


#3 Suncream

Nothing is guaranteed to ruin your holiday quite like sunburn. Tingly, hot, and guaranteed to ruin your chances of a smooth even tan, sunburn will kill your holiday vibes in an instant. Not to get too serious, but we all know the affect UV rays can have on our health, so make sure you stay safe in the sun!

Now we’re not saying hide in the shade for the duration of your holiday, we want you to get out there and make the most of the sunshine (there’s gonna be none when you get home let’s admit it!) and let’s not forget, the sun is our main source of vitamin D, so getting the right amount is actually gonna help your health. Make sure you pack loads of suncream and after sun into your suitcase, even if you’re out there to get as tanned as possible, SPF 20 or above is crucial for skin safety.


#4 STDs

When you think Magaluf, sexually transmitted disease is usually a thought that crosses our mind at one point or another, thanks to the ‘sun, sea and sex’ mantra that this destination swears by. By all means, go out and get lucky; but you won’t feel so lucky when you’re heading straight to The Brook clinic after you get off the plane… Pretty simple really, don’t have sex without a condom and this vital rule of safety is solved. As Jeremy Kyle so famously said, “put something on the end of it then!”.


#5 Prostitutes

Lads, it may seem like a good idea at the time, but ladies of the night are notorious for praying on drunk people, in fact many ending up getting robbed. Magaluf is packed full of young holidaymakers looking for a good time, so why take the chance by paying for it? Even if there’s one mate in the group who you think will die a virgin, just think, is it really worth it – there’s nothing banterous about dangerous situations!

So there we have it, five simple safety tips to help you have a fun filled trip that isn’t tainted by a negative situation. Magaluf is a place to be free, drink booze and dance the night away, so with safety on your side, you’re guaranteed to have a whole host of holiday memories with your friends that will last a lifetime (even the embarrassing ones you’d rather forget!)


#6 Watch out for dodgy ticket touts!

Last but not least…Always make sure to buy tickets from official ticket stands or pre-book online to make sure you are covered. You may be approcached in the resort by ticket sellers, and many of these are legiatimate, however to ensure you don’t get ripped off ask them to take you to their offocial stand and that way, they get their commisson and you can rest assured you wont be sold a fake ticket. Book online today at Just Excite.

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