The majority of us will be heading to Magaluf this summer for a few things – boozing and partying being the main reasons! However, aside from the amazing nightlife scene and drinks that seem to be cheaper than water, there’s more to Magaluf than meets the eye. Instead of getting into a cycle of drinking and recovering from hangovers the following day, why not explore the island and see what this place really has to offer? Whether you’re here on a stag or hen party or maybe your first holiday with friends, there’s loads to do in Magaluf besides boozing. We’ve come up with a few ideas of things you can do outside of the bar on your Magaluf holiday this summer!

mallorca car hire

Hire a car and explore

Nothing quite beats a road trip, so why not make it a part of your Magaluf holiday? Hiring a car couldn’t be simpler, allowing you to add extra fun to your holiday with ease, as long as one of your group has a driver’s licence that is! By hiring a car, you can take in all the gorgeous natural views the island of Mallorca has to offer, without having to walk for miles. From the sprawling hills of the island to the bustling crowds of Palma, there’s loads to ride around and see. So make sure you pack some drinks, snacks and a playlist of your favourite tunes to make sure you create some unforgettable Magaluf memories with your mates that don’t involve shots!

shopping in palma

Retail therapy in Palma

Just a short distance from Magaluf you’ll find the capital city of Mallorca, Palma. If you’re looking to go home with more clothes than you came with, get down to the city to enjoy ultimate retail therapy. Palma has the same high-life loving atmosphere as Saint-Tropez and Cannes, allowing you to have a luxurious shopping experience like no other. From the department stores to the grand old buildings and the restaurants, there’s something for everyone in Palma, so make sure you schedule in a trip to the capital on your 2017 Magaluf holiday!

watersports Magaluf beach

Water sports on Magaluf Beach

While you sweat ou your hangovers on Magaluf Beach, you’ll probably notice all the fun going on over the sea. Instead of letting your hangover get the better of you, why not get up and enjoy some adrenaline filled water sporting action, instead of snoozing the day away! From banana boats to donut rings and water skiing, there’s loads of activities for you to choose from, depending on whether you’re brave enough to go solo or you want a group activity for added fun. All of this fun is available all the way up Magaluf Beach, so no matter where you lay your towels for the day, you’re guaranteed to be a tiny walk from the water sporting action. If you’re looking for a water sporting option that’s less likely to stir the contents of your stomach, why not hire a pedal boat and head out to Lizard Island? It’s just 800 metres from the shore so your legs won’t get too tired, but it’s totally worth it to see the masses of wall lizards!


Indulge in local food by the Marina

We all know walking can be a little draining when the hangover hits, but Magaluf’s promenade is not to be missed. Sprawling from Magaluf Beach all the way to the other side of Palma Nova, this scenic walk will allow you to take in the beautiful side of Magaluf – it’s the total opposite to the chaos of the strip! As you and your mates stroll along the marina, why not pop into one of the island’s many restaurants to indulge in some gorgeously fresh food? (makes a change from the usual kebab!) The fresh seafood on offer is to die for, curing all of your hangovers while allowing you to discover a whole new range of flavours and tastes. There’s loads of locally sourced food available on the Magaluf promenade walk, so come and discover it for yourselves!

Marine Land Mallorca

Take a trip to Marineland

Trips to water parks and zoos used to be a massive part of the holidays of yesteryear, loads of us remember taking trips to places like Marineland on family holidays, nothing quite said fun like getting splashed off dolphins and seeing parrotts ride bikes, right? Even though you’ve come to Maga for the drinks, an adventure to Marineland is not to be missed! This park is open throughout the season, meaning you and your mates can pop in to enjoy the dolphin and sealion shows throughout the summer. Hungover or not, there’s loads to enjoy at Marineland; from the ever entertaining main shows to the bird sanctuary, zoo and aquarium, there’s plenty here to keep you all entertained – unless one of your group is scared of animals that is!

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