When you think of Magaluf one of the first things that come to mind is getting drunk! So here we have made a list of the top 5 drinks you have to try while in the resort. We have included the ingredients so you can even try them out at home to get you into the holiday spirit before summer begins.

Remember when in Magaluf 80% of the time you will be served local spirits as standard. If you want to class it up ask for Smirnoff Vodka and authentic Red Bull or mixers. This will be more pricy but for you fussy drinkers it will go down a treat.

5. Blue Lagoon

– It is a bright turquoise 1970s classic, the Blue Lagoon may look and sound tropical, but it’s a deliciously tangy, citrus harmony of vodka, blue curaçao and lemonade.

Best place to try: You can pick one of these up in every bar in Magaluf.


50ml. Vodka

25ml. Blue Curaçao Liqueur

150ml. Lemonade

1slice Lemon

Price: €5 a pint (local spirit)

4. Sangria

– This cocktail of ingredients is a must while holidaying on the Spanish island, Sangria is the Spanish word for “bloodletting”. This drink comes with either red or white wine depending on the taste you prefer.

Best place to try: Foxy’s on the beach or Stereo Bar. You can order it by the glass or by the jug.


125ml. Red/White wine

50ml. Orange Juice

1top(s) Lemonade

1slice(s) Orange

1piece Mint Sprig

Price: Glass approx. €6, Jug approx. €12

3. Strawberry Daiquiri

– Daiquiri is a family of frozen cocktails whose main ingredients are rum, citrus juice, and sugar or other sweetener.

Best place to try: There is no better place to try one of these than Daiquiri palace. An American inspired beach bar, situated inches away from the sand. You have the choice of many exotic flavours, dispensed from machines into white plastic cups, this place isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it is certainly ours.


50ml. Spiced Rum

25ml. Fresh Lime Juice

25ml. Sugar Syrup

3piece(s) Fresh Chopped Strawberries

1piece Strawberry for Garnish

Price: This depends on the size of Daiquiri that you choose. Prices start at €4

2. Sex on the beach

– Sex on the Beach is a delicious and fruity vodka-based drink that is perfect for almost any occasion.

Best place to try: You can pick one of these up in every bar in Magaluf.


9ml. Peach Schnapps

35ml. Vodka

35ml. Orange Juice

35ml. Cranberry Juice

Price: €5 a pint (local spirit)

1. Vodka Red Bull

– It is exactly what it says on the tin – Vodka and Red Bull (energy drink). This is by far the utmost consumed drink on the strip. It is cheap and gives you that extra well needed boost to carry on dancing until the sun comes up.

Best place to try: You can pick one of these up in every bar in Magaluf.


50ml. Vodka

Fill the rest of the glass with Red Bull

Price: €5 a pint (local spirit)

Now you have our pick of the top 5 drinks, get yourself down to the shops and stock up on your favourite ingredients. Get your taste buds and liver prepped for Magaluf 2017.