5 Things I hate about holidays

When you think about Magaluf what comes to mind? The sun, amazing nightlife and lots and lots of banter. But have you ever thought about the disadvantages of visiting this f**ked up place? Well we are going to do just that. Here we have scraped together 5 things we hate about holidaying in Magaluf. But I will tell you one thing…..it is all worth it!

5: The holiday has to end…

We all know that holidays are a luxury and we should be happy enough to actually be leaving the miserable UK. But they never seem long enough, you are just settling in and getting to know your way around the resort then BOOM an email notification reminding you to check in for your flight home. I don’t know about you but certainly for me, on my last few days of a holiday I cant seem to enjoy myself the same. Knowing I have to return home soon, back to a place were you have to have morals and were its not acceptable to have a cocktail for breakfast.

4: The people you never see again

You set off on your holidays with your besties by your side, when you return home you have countless new Facebook friends that you spent many a drunken nights with on the strip. You all promised to meet up once you where all back in the UK. But its sad to say this rarely ever happens. We all go back to our mediocre lives, full of routine and responsibilities and cant seem to find the time for these new found friendships. Also many may return home and have some serious explaining to do to their partners.

3: Having to drink every night!!

Nobody says that you have to, but it wouldn’t be a holiday in Magaluf if you had a day off the drink and got an early night. Why waste a night in Maga just to get some sleep. Every morning you are bound to wake up with a killer hangover and cant see yourself making it down to the pool without being sick, never mind out drinking again… Get yourself out of bed, put on your shades and MAN up.

2: Coming home whiter than you left

Many people go on holiday to lounge in the sun and return home bronzed and refreshed. Magaluf is quite the opposite, you become nocturnal. Partying all night and sleeping all day. By the time you have dragged yourself out of bed the sun is going down ready for the nightlife to begin.

1: Saving up for ever!